About Sign Guild, Inc.

Sign Guild is a second generation sign company.Our sign products are fabricated from high quality substrates and materials. We manufacture with the help of today's modern technologies... and yesterday's old-school craftsmanship. We offer practical, cost-effective alternatives to meet your signage needs and options.

Empire Signs

David Wilson - Accomplished in the manufacture of all aspects of signage from design to fabrication and on to the proper engineering of the installation.Over 40 years in the Sign Industry.

We are not a Franchise but a Full Service Sign Company

My father started his sign company in 1938 in Rochester New York. His company ( Empire Sign ) had 18 neon tube benders, a crew that built theatre marques along the east coast,and a thriving Billboard business. He sold the business in the 1960s and it is still in operation with over 150 employees.